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TiMae Health Holistic Research Institute is a plant-based cellular 501(c)(3) company for the community. Our vision is to provide managed health solutions and products to poor, minority, and hurting clientele from across the country. Our vision includes the establishment of a women and children plant-based cellular research center. This center will expand our mission to address unmet health concerns and wellness needs.

We plan to model our research center after that of St. Jude Children's Research Center, offering free or reduced-cost services to those in need. We further intend to employ a diverse board and executive staff that is representative of minority populations.

We seek to license our proprietary cellular products, technology, and research-based knowledge to support ongoing expenses. In addition, the research center will be science-based, and data collected shall serve multiple purposes within the health care and wellness communities.

  1. Identify a Trusted Advisor or Source
  2. Allow for Expedited FDA Approval
  3. Create a Solution That Is Scalable, Relevant, and Timely
  1. Create a Solution That Is Affordable
  2. Create a Solution with No Known Side Effects or Drug Interactions
  3. Create a Solution That Is Plant-Based and Amenable to the Naturalist Community

Our products are created in safe and sterile labs and are appropriately labeled with active ingredients and nutritional values.

Our Mission: Our main objective is to inspire and educate our customers to achieve optimal health and wellness.

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Cell It Forward House Calls

In the midst of Hurricane Irma, "Coach Joe" was instrumental in helping with the deliveries of oral cellular shakes to the homes of the disadvantaged. We were able to execute these deliveries just ahead of Hurricane Irma on September 10, 2017.

Cellular Energy Therapy™ oral cellular shakes delivered were for hot flashes, high blood pressure, sports injuries, type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and migraines. Also, we have restoration shakes for each of the body's systems. Our "Restore" cellular shake removes toxins and adds nutrients. #jointhecellularmovement

Men Making a Delivery

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