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About TiMae Health

TiMae provides affordable, holistic herbal solutions for the wellness one's mind and body. The company was created to help individuals improve and maintain wellness--holistically, where mainstream medicine was not as effective. Our main objective is to produce plant-based remedies (integrated medicines) to relieve a number of patient conditions including bad breath, advanced breast cancer, digestive system viruses, diarrhea, type II diabetes, sports injuries, muscle/back pain, arthritis, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), inflamed muscle/joints, Alzheimer, etc.

Cell-It-Forward (community giveback):

TiMae Health is an IRS approved 501c3 plant-based cellular research company that develops organic shakes for unmet women and children health needs – helping to improve the quality-of-life. Our local community program, Cell-It-Forward, provides FREE organic cellular shakes to the uninsured, and underserved population. We seek cellular community partners and/or sponsors that will facilitate a family in needs, ie travel, lodging, dining, blood work, and, scans during their stay in Brevard County, FL, USA.


TiMae wellness products were originally created--homemade for family, colleagues and friends to address various health issues and afflictions that are common in today's society. However, based research, positive testimonials--on quick relief process, and overall incredible results, we decided to share our fantastic holistic herbal solutions with the world --TiMae was born. Our products are plantbased remedies made of all natural ingredients from the 'land and sea' with no side-effects!


TiMae health products are known to help improve self-confidence, self-esteem and stamina. Additionally, our products complement and balance a healthy lifestyle as well as to promote natural healing relief with no known side effects. Our advanced treatments and formulations are constantly evolving to ensure and enhance state-of-the-art holistic remedies for the mind and body.

TiMae's products undergo constant quality control and testing for maximum efficiency and effectiveness while creating a trusted brand for your complete health and wellness. TiMae Health plant-based solutions do not chemicals, artificial colors, preservatives, and or animal derivatives.

PERSONAL STORY (My Life Changed):

I worked in the Information Technology industry at a fortune 500 company and often found myself being highly stressed due to daily pressures on the job. One week I encountered several setbacks that resulted in a visit to my doctor's office with sharp pains throughout my body. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with “stress and anxiety,” and my doctor then gave me a prescription to fill medication. I accepted the prescription from my doctor as a way to understand and gain knowledge (side-effects) about the prescribed drug. However, I did not fill the prescription nor did I take any types of  'over-the-counter' chemical medication. My focus was on leveraging natural--holistic remedies with no side effect.

As I sat in the lobby of my doctor's office at the end of my visit, I noticed a middle aged man who walked in carrying a gallon sized bag filled with prescription bottles (at least 10).  Within five minutes, an elderly woman also walked in carrying a shoe box of prescription medication bottles (approximately 11) as well. I was appalled at the amount of prescribed medications our society is utilizing -- it was during that moment I concluded we must do better to adopt a healthier lifestyle and reduce the need for the amount of prescribed medication by focusing on natural, and safer remedies. 

I thought “live better and we will do better” physically and mentally. I then decided to devote my time and energy to helping humanity to “live In comfort” through seeds, fish, and herbs from the 'land and sea'!  Try our product today and join us to “live better and in comfort" with our natural--holistic remedies.  We really do appreciate your business.  We wish you and your family the best of health and strength.

Living in Comfort, 

The TiMae Family!

Tim Hooks

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